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  Actor, Director,
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Media Advisor

What we should be asking is who coaches the Princess of Wales in the art of Public Speaking?
Who gives her acting lessons? For never can a public figure have been more astonishingly transformed.
Daily Express (UK)   

Certainly he has succeeded where other coaches, notably the film director Sir Richard Attenborough and her former press secretary Dickie Arbiter, failed. Diana, desperate to overcome her shyness, was introduced to Settelen by her fitness trainer Carolan Brown, who had worked with him on her exercise videos. What he discovered was a woman suffering from low self esteem, bursting with ideas about her public duties but unable to marshal them. Julia Williams, a friend and colleague, told of his 'stunning' presence. She said: 'He is alive, he is alert. He helped me to speak and be genuine and to say what I really wanted to say, rather than what I thought I should be saying. I was able to relax very easily. Since his arrival in Diana's circle friends have noticed how she has learned to breathe properly, to appear more conversational and relax. Thanks to him she conquered her tendency to blush and incline her head which often combined to spoil the message she was trying to deliver. 'He has given her a new assertiveness', says a friend. 'You can trace it from the moment he arrived.'

But it was in April with her astonishing speech on Bulimia that his training really shone through. It was a tour de force. For here Diana reached into her own unhappiness to spell out the misery of the eating disorders that plagued her for 11 years. Friends detected his influence behind her memorable introduction....'I have it on very good authority' and believe he encouraged her to have the confidence to talk openly about herself.
Daily Mail (UK)

Stunning SKY News presenter Linda Duberley, who has had regular speech sessions with Peter, said: "He is the perfect person for Diana." Linda, 32, added: "He is not just a voice coach, but looks at every aspect of your personality like a psychologist - examining your body language, your demeanor and how you behave. He's trying to find the real you."
The Sun (UK)

Blonde beauty Julia Carling has recruited Princess Diana's voice coach to help boost her telly career. The estranged wife of rugby ace Will Carling  - their marriage broke down over the England captain's friendship with the princess - has signed up with former Coronation Street actor Peter Settelen.  He helped transform shy Di into a confident public speaker. And he's now giving Julia tips for her new life as a television star. A friend said: "She wanted help to improve her public speaking and went to the best in the business."

Peter has helped many top telly people brush up their skills and has published a best selling book
Just Talk To Me... After being introduced in 1992, Diana had  50 three hour sessions with the ex-actor for 18 months. He also wrote her speeches. She learned to breathe properly, to appear more conversational and to relax. Thanks to him, she conquered her tendency to blush and incline her head when speaking in public. The lessons were used to devastating effect in her BBC Panorama interview......
Daily Mirror (UK)

Settelen is slightly built, but has the command and presence of an OX.
 The Times (UK)

The smoothest voice in the business.
Daily Mail (UK)

Sir Iain Vallance, chairman of BT, ought to be delighted with the outcome of last week’s Oxford Union debate, which the company sponsored. Peter Settelen, acclaimed speech coach and Julia Cole, Agony Aunt and spokeswoman for Relate, proposed the winning motion “It’s Good to Talk”.
The Times (UK)

Peter Settelen - one of the top communicators in the UK.
Derek Jameson, Broadcaster